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Rumor – Apple iPad Pro to come with 12-inch display, A8 quad-core chip

Many rumors and speculations via supply chains as well as analysts predicted that Apple’s next iPad Pro could come with powerful specifications with slim 12-inch display, enough to run as a MacBook and look as a MacBook Air.

apple-ipad-airApple will eye on Enterprise by releasing more productive iPad Pro in Fall 2014 with 12-inch display, Apple A8 processor and with the keyboard case, the iPad could be used as traditional laptop too. These professional iPads will act as 2-in-1 gadget, similar to what Microsoft has been doing on their Surface range of tablets.

This move came from Apple after Microsoft and Intel jointly gain attraction from mass corporations to use their “Wintel” based Surface tablets, which acts as a traditional laptop as well as a tablet. With its next-gen hybrid, quad-core A8 chipset, Apple will be competing against Intel processors and it might impact the Intel. This also means that the era of PC an laptops are slowly being faded because of increase in tablet and smartphone sales.

Obviously, this is just a speculation. Stay tune on TND as we try to get as much details on “iPad Pro” as possible. What’s your thoughts on Apple’s next generation tablet?


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