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HTC posts Q3 2013 results with $52 million operating loss

HTC has just announced its 2013’s fourth quarter financial results, which again shows operating loss, which is around $52 million (NT $1.56 billion), but as expected, it posted a mere net profit of $10.3 million (NT $0.31 billion) as the result of the sale of Beats division.

htc-officeCompared to the last quarter’s results, the Taiwanese smartphone maker’s operating loss has been decreased around 50-percent, where it posted $101 million (NT $2.97 billion) operating loss, total revenue was $1.6 billion.

This is 9th consecutive drop for HTC in quarterly sales. HTC has tried to make comeback by releasing and excessively marketing its HTC One and One Max smartphones. The company also faced few patent infringement lawsuits from Nokia, quite many times in many countries.

HTC might try to release few more android phones, such as HTC One M8 or it could be possible to bring few Windows Phone handsets as Microsoft has lessened the licencing fee for its OS. Whatever the next release is, for HTC it’s a crucial challenge to reduce losses and generate some more revenue in next quarter.

[Source: HTC]

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