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Rap Genius iOS App for iPhones coming this January

The popular lyrics and annotation website, Rap Genius has teased that their iOS app will be coming in January 2014 and not revealed anything related to an official Android app, where some Rap Genius apps from third-party developers are being downloaded now.

rap-genius-logoRap Genius, which was manually penalized by Google search engine for their “unnatural link building” methods, later publicly apologized Google and website users for doing those wrong link building tricks. This technic was first reported by a blogger John Marbach and when Google’s Webspam head Matt Cutts saw the related thread in Hacker News, he said to take action and on Christmas morning the search engine has took a manual action that lead the website’s links to move to 6th page in search results, even for the term “Rap Genius.”

The news about iOS app for Rap Genius is announced by co-founders, Tom, llan and Mahbod at the end of their “we are back on Google” post, which tells the story about their struggling and coming back to the search results after taking necessary steps such as manual removing of spam links and researching on the backlinks, where it said “we apologize to Google and our fans for being such morons.”

However, they should also consider building the Android app as the Android users numbers are much higher than iOS users – but the percentage of premium users are high in iOS platform. May by the company could bring a premium paid app to earn some bucks over the app. But, it would be a wise decision to being the free app and increase its reach to as many users as possible.

[Source: Rap Genius Blog]

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