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How to save time listing items on ebay?

This guide will help you to save time listing your item so that the efficiency and the productivity of your Ebay activities will increase. I will try to add as much as my experience as well as some great resources, which can be useful for a beginner Ebayer.

1: Download Ebay App for your Mobile:

You may be wondering, what is the use of Ebay Mobile app to save time on listing and transaction and improve productivity. I believe that the Ebay app is just cool and you can complete as fast as possible with minimum effort and the outcome is great. You can do things such as – Checking your Reminders (Leaving feedbacks, awaiting shipments, awaiting payments etc), Relisting unsold items, Revising your important listings in timely manner, research what is the hottest selling items etc.

To check the hottest selling items in a particular category, you must go to the category, check all items and refine the search using “item ending soon”, “Completed Listings” and “sold items only” fields. You can also change the mode to auction, BuyitNow, used, or new according to your research.

Download app for your iOS, Android, BB, Windows Phone and other Smartphones from this official link.

2: Download Turbo Listing free software:

Yes, many Ebayers aware of this and some of them not! It’s a free seller manager tool from Ebay. There are many advantages of this free software.

  • This can be called as the PC/Mac version of the Ebay app.
  • You can create/edit listings offline and upload those listings in bulk.
  • When online, you can search items, research markets with easy tools and views.
  • There are some important tool bars and special views, which will improvise your productivity.

Once you used with this software, you will addict to it and it will save you more time than that f the web listings.

Download the Free Turbolister software from here. You can also search your dashboard/My Ebay for this software.

3: Remember  – “Assign Automation”

“Assign Automation is must, if you have many items to sell and it will definitely save your valuable time. Once you have completed the listing, the Ebay will show a “Congrats” Page. In the same page, you have an option “Assign automation”.


There, you have to select “Relist continuously until an item sells”, which will do the relisting job for you automatically.

4: Search similar items and post “sell” from there:

Just think, you have a bunch of 20 items and you want it to list as fast as possible on ebay.com, for this I have a solution for you. Just enter your item name (as much info as possible) and find the similar product from the search result. Open the item by clicking on the already listed items title. Now, you will see a button “Sell” or “Sell an item” or “Sell it yourself” link as shown in the image below.

ebay sell

If you select this option, you would not have to fill all the item details such as Model Name, Style, Color etc. Just make some changes according to your need and enter your description. I would not recommend to copy the description from other’s listing as it sounds as an illegal act in Ebay policies.

5: Use Ebay’s own quick listing tool:

Ebay has started a new feature, which will help you to list your item faster by filling important fields. It’s really quick. When you are on a “selling” page, check the top right corner of header (aside Contact us & help). There is an option called Switch to quick listing tool, select it. It will also save your busy time! This guide of Ebay, will guide you to use the tool.

quick listing tool

6: Use third party paid and “free to try” tools:

This one is used by power sellers and top rated sellers. You can think, how busy they could be and how frustrated they are. Many users of these tools appreciate the help of these tools. So, you can also try only after passing some criteria. If you have very large list of items to sell, and you believe in yourself and your online selling business, then these free to try tools are for you. Auctiva is one of the popular third party tools.

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  1. Zakeer, I am selling in Ebay dude. Learning now and as usual, became master now.

  2. I never knew about few of these procedures. The methods you have shown will definitely save me few hours.

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