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Find your Snapchat username status in the leaked 4.6 million users’ database

Now you can check, whether your username and associated phone numbers were included in the recent leaked Snapchat database or not.

snapchatdb-leakTwo developers came out with an online tool, which will let you know your account status, whether its leaked or not in the recent hack of Snapchat database, which released 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers associated with it, with the last two digits censored.

You have to go to the GS Lookup – Snapchat tool to confirm the leaked info associated with your username. The tool was developed by Robbie Trencheny and Will Smidlein and hosted on Gibson Security website, which was warning the “Disappearing Messenger” company regarding the vulnerability since last August and the company took it very lightly. Last week, Gibsonsec published the way to hack the Snapchat database in its website and later Snapchat released the statement that it had already taken the “counter-measures” for those vulnerabilities. Then, in few days gap, the messenger’s user database with the usernames and associated phone numbers were released by hackers, which enabled to download the database as an SQL dump or CSV file.

So, don’t wait. If you live in America or your area comes under the part of Canada, then you should go to GS Lookup tool to check your username status.

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