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From AOL, Winamp and Shoutcast to get acquired by Radionomy

In a new move, AOL has sold its Winamp and Shoutcast digital music services to Radionomy- an online radio stations aggregator, based in Belgium, according to the report by AOL owned TechCrunch.

winamp-playerThe 15 years old legacy, Winamp was intended to shut down on December 20, 2013, as the company has announced on last November, then suddenly in December the shut down process was paused for completing a pending sale of the service. AOL acquired Nullsoft in 1999 along with one of its products, Winamp.

We have received further proof that suggests that the Radionomy’s connection with Winamp. When some users checked the DNS name servers of winamp.com, it was moved from AOL.COM to RADIONOMY.COM, which is mentioned in the Winamp forum. However, the nameservers of Shoutcast hasn’t been changed yet, but the report suggest that both the properties will be sold to Radionomy and the deal will be closed as soon as this Friday, citing “reliable source.”

If the deal concluded, Radionomy will be adding Shoutcast’s around 50,000 radio stations to its catalog of 6,000 radio stations, where the Winamp application could help it to reach more listeners around the globe. Winamp is now being used by millions of users worldwide – on computers and mobile devices.

Finally, a relief for its fans – Winamp will never die!

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