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Facebook still No. 1 social network in US – Study, We know it!

Facebook still dominates the new social media era and in surging of social networks attracted more people to use multiple platforms, where at least 73 percent of internet users of over 18 use at least one social network in US – that means 63 percent of total adult population of United States, according to a study by Pew Research Center survey.

Facebook-mobile-Reuters3Compared to the 2012’s 67 percent, in 2013, for 71 percent of adult internet users (or 57 percent of all adult Americans), Facebook is in first preference for their online social activities, while the other social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest also gaining the active users. The survey shows that around 42 percent of adult Internet users use 2 or more social networks.

Other competitor playing against Facebook are LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook-owned Instagram, which were used by 22%, 18%, 21% and 17% of adult Internet users, respectively. According to the survey, around 63 percent of FB users in US check their account at least once in a day, while the 40 percent users check more than once.

Pew Research Center conducted this survey via telephone interviews in between the August 7 – September 16 among the 1,801 adults. Although they have included some margin of error at around 2.9%, the small number of users in the survey might not show whats is actually going on. Do you believe that the survey is showing the right data? Do you know that the largest social network is still worried about the mass migration of its teen users to the new mobile messenger platforms such as Snapchat and WhatsApp?


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