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Sony and ZTE to launch Windows Phone smartphones in 2014

Japan-based Sony is planning to launch its own Windows Phone smartphones under the brand VAIO in 2014, hence adding a new OS to its current smartphones lineup dominated by Android.

sony-julie-windows-phone-7According to the report published by The Information, Sony’s Windows Phone smartphones might enter the market in mid-2014. The Japanese tech giant has already worked with the Microsoft’s Windows OS on its VAIO series of laptops and most recently with the VAIO Tap 11 tablets running on Windows 8.1.

Regarding the naming, Sony used Xperia brand for its Android tablets as well as smartphones, while the VAIO brand for Windows-based gadgets. So, the smartphone branded with “VAIO” could be released along with the Windows Phone OS.

Sony had tried to develop Windows Phone 7 devices, with the code name “Julie” in 2012, but it never came out of the prototype and relied on Google’s Android OS for its smartphones. Now, the Sony seems to be studying the steady growth of the Windows Phone platform in many developing countries and want to jump into the platform, which is now dominated by Microsoft’s own Nokia hardware segment.

Chinese smartphone-maker, ZTE is also seems to be interested in launching the Microsoft’s WP handsets in 2014, which could help the software giant to reach to more budget-minded consumer market. Nokia Lumia 520, 521 and other entry-level smartphones were the blockbusters of year 2013 in many countries worldwide. Microsoft’s decision of lowering the mobile OS’ licencing fee could have been tempted the companies to manufacture the WP handsets.

Do you remember that Sony had the Windows Phone based smartphones at the age of Sony Ericsson? Yes, Xperia X1, Xperia X2 and Aspen where the Windows Phone 6.x devices. Note that the company used “Xperia” brand on those Windows Phones.

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