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Google begins rolling next wave of Glass exclusively for All Access subscribers

Google has made its Glass available to few more users, exclusively for its $9.99 paying Google Play Music All Access customers as the report of receiving “VIP invitation mails” to join the Glass Explorer Program for those users surfaced and still they have to pay $1,500 for a unit.


According to Google, the purchaser should be US resident (or may be, having a United States shipping address), 18 years and older and they can also pick the device from one of the three current locations – New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

However, the Google Play Music app is available on Google Glass, but the actual reason for contacting the All Access subscribers may be because of those “premium members,” who could possibly try to buy the gadget than normal consumers.

Earlier, the company first began to sell the connected glasses to few selected customers in early-2013 and while applying for the wearable device, users had to explain, why they wanted to be the part of the program.

Although, Google Glass has made several controversial news, it’s still in very much demand and people are eagerly waiting for Google to launch the wearable computing gadget to the market.


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