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LG plans to reveal webOS-based smart TV soon

LG will be revealing the smart TV running on webOS operating system at the CES 2014 event at Las Vegas, this January, according to the WSJ report, which cites the insider person familiar with the matter.

WebOS' "cards" user interface on tablets
WebOS’ “cards” user interface on tablets

South Korean electronic giant, LG has acquired the webOS as well as the team working on the platform from HP in February 2012 to use it on smart TVs and the outcome can be seen on this January event. Prior selling to LG, Hewlett-Packard acquired the OS from $1.2 billion Palm acquisition in 2010, used it on not-well-built HP TouchPad tablets and later turned the webOS as the open source platform. Now, LG is developing the platform according to their need in their next-gen smart TVs.

Although, the Android and iOS tightened up its position at smartphone and tablets market, they also moving towards acquiring the in-car entertainment devices too. Now, Android is moving further more with the presence inside the third-party smart TVs, while Apple iOS is dedicated to Apple TVs. Hence, LG’s webOS will try to root in the relatively new smart TV market and compete with Google’s Android OS – because, people are still looking for the perfect UI to settle down inside the so-called smart TVs.

Meanwhile, this webOS hasn’t got any touch with the recent announcement of HomeChat interactive communication system via LINE mobile messenger to remotely control and maintain the smart appliances. But, the new system could be integrated to the webOS based TVs easily as they have got the webOS engineers with them. It’s also reported that the webOS’ “cards” user interface will be retained by the LG on its smart TVs.


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