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BlackBerry CEO posted his 2014 plans in open letter

BlackBerry’s new interim CEO and executive chairman, John Chen posted an open letter at CNBC, where he attempted to provide a glimpse of company’s future success and the ability to turn the loss into profits.

blackberry-lossThe letter suggests that the troubled BlackBerry could focus on Enterprise division of its business, while turning the high-end handset segment into an affordable smartphone-division. BlackBerry already setup a new 5-year contract with Foxconn to make the budget hardware. BlackBerry still has the largest mobile device management customer-base in the world. Moreover, this  MDM segment has invented by the BlackBerry itself.

BlackBerry’s smartphone segment is the culprit to bring down the company from glory to almost zero as the latest BB10 OS based Z10, Q10 and even Z30 wasn’t able to tackle the competition from Samsung and Apple smartphones. The company kept on posting loss over loss in almost every quarter since last year.

But, BlackBerry should take the Samsung’s KNOX seriously as it made into the US Department of Defense, where the only predominant security service was BlackBerry’s mobile security devices.

BBM messenger is another spot, where he has hope for the future and he claims that in last 2 months, more than 40 million users registered on BBM servers via iOS and Android platforms. He also has a plan to turn the mobile messenger into a revenue generator. The thing to note is, whether the messenger maintains a respectable level of active users, which is never revealed by the company yet.

BlackBerry QNX, a real time operating system, is another area of hope for the company. Affordable smartphone sales in developing countries is another key area, he want to improve the profitability of the company. Whatever the BlackBerry CEO’s plans may be, it looks like a damage control rather than steering towards the profits.

[Source: CNBC]

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