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Battlefield 4 and BF 3 users facing “No contact with EA online” issue

Battlefield 4 was faced serious glitches and bugs since its inception and today almost every online gamer of Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 4 as well as Battlefield 3 gamers are facing problem connecting to the servers.

battlefield-4The outrage continues at Battlefield forums and Medal of Honor forums as several hundred users start complaining about the “Error: No contact with EA Online. Please try again,” while connecting to the online servers to play the Battlefield 4 shooter game. Some users even getting the “Could not join server” and “Something went wrong” errors.

 The outrage continued as one of the gamer said in the forum,

“Hey EA wth we’ve been unable to play BF4 basically all freaking day now on PC! Your service is awful and is in desperate need of improvement!”

Once the problem seems to be fixed by EA without releasing any official reports, but soon later, the players started to face problems again and as of this writing, the problem hasn’t resolved in any manner. However, the EA team showed the “alert” to the users in battle log as below:

“Alert! We are tracking a connectivity issue across numerous platforms ad games. This appears to affect your ability to connect as well as to stay connected. As we get more info, this notice will be updated. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue and get you back into the game.”

We are tracking the problems and contacted EA for further updates. Stay tune on The Next Digit for latest technology and gaming news updates.

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