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Chromebooks beats Windows laptops and Macbooks in 2013 US sales growth

A new report released by the NPD Group, a market information and advisory service provider reveals that the sales growth and sales numbers of Google Chrome OS based Chromebooks in US are much higher than that of Microsoft Windows based notebooks or Apple’s Macbooks.

computing-device-sales-chart-us-commercial-channelIn 2013, from January to November, there were 1.76 million Chromebooks being sold, which was merely 400.000 in 2012. This tremendous growth also rose the percentage of Chromebooks in all notebook sales from “negligible” to 21 percent.

Meanwhile, among the top 10 best seller laptop computers at Amazon.com, 4 notebooks are Chromebooks, in which Acer’s C720 Chromebook takes the first spot and Samsung Chromebook is in second spot. That is a good news for Google and Chrome OS and obviously bad news for the Microsoft, who always tried to “scroogle” the search giant’s every services.

According to the study, compared to the previous year’s sales numbers in US, the desktop computer sales growth increased 8.5%, while notebooks and tablets rose 28.9% and 49%, respectively. In this growth numbers, Windows notebooks has no share, while the Windows desktops found a 10% increase and Apple’s desktops and laptops fell 7% combined.

Google’s decision of making Chrome OS free for laptop manufacturers lead them to cut costs from the final product, which ultimately became popular among consumers than the Windows devices. The decent specifications to run the web-based OS and apps also took the major part in the growth of the Chromebooks. Next year, we expect the double growth as new branded Chrome OS running laptops entered the market such as HP’s Chromebook 11 as well as Dell’s Chromebook 11.

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