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Battlefield 4 – China Rising gets a nation-wide ban in China

Electronic Art’s new Battlefield 4 expansion, “China Rising” has been declared illegal in China and issued a nation-wide ban on the game to protect national security.


The Battlefield 4: China Rising features a war between a manipulative Chinese admiral and freedom protectors of America and this is what made China angry over the game, where it bans the game in China and ordered to remove the game CDs from store shelves as well as instructed the gamers to uninstall from their computers.

The state-run newspaper of China also accused the Electronic Arts to the new kind of discrediting China’s image deliberately. The game’s story itself has taken attention from the China as the game continues as the rogue Admiral Chang plans to wage war against United States by taking support from Russia. The game also starts in a place in mainland China with four new maps, new weapons as well as vehicles.

Although the EA hasn’t released the “ZhanDi4” Chinese-version of the Battlefield 4: China Rising game, those existing copies could be either pirated or imported from other countries. Even the game is being censored on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media website, but the Battlefield fans are working around by downloading English games via peer-to-peer websites.

EA hasn’t responded to this accusations yet. Moreover, the controversy over its “games” is not new for the company as before, the Battlefield 3: Medal of Honor expansion also got the criticism. Even, Activision Blizzard’s “Call of Duty” series were always in the headlines story of several Russian national newspapers.

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