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Apple Store “Lucky Bag” offer to kick off on January 2 in Japan

January 2 will be the best day for Apple shoppers in Japan, as the Apple retail stores will be witnessing the annual “Lucky Bag” sale on same day.

apple-lucky-bag-japanApple has successfully organized the “Lucky Bag” sale in recent years, where the retails stores will offer a mystery bag for sale, whose price will be much lesser than the total sum of the items packed inside the bag. This year, the sale will kick off on January 2 in Japan, as the Japan’s Apple Store website shows.

In last few years’ $350 offerings, customers have got some valuable items such as iPods, headphones, case & covers, t-shirts and other accessories. Even the lucky people also got iPads, iPhones and Macbooks, but the numbers are very few in past years. However, the lineups outside the Apple retail stores won’t vanishes as the Apple fans will expect latest iPad Air, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in this year’s lucky bag.

No, this event won’t be held in either US. nor in UK. Meanwhile, this year people could buy the “Lucky Bag” via Apple online store and App store on their iDevices too. Go go go, only limited number of bags available.

[source: Apple Store Japan]

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