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OpenEmu, an open source emulator launched for Mac

OpenEmu a new emulator which was launched exclusively for Mac this week allows users to play classic games from twelve different game consoles.


Though there a variety of game emulators are easily available, several emulators might be required for playing games from different systems. OpenEmu removes this hassle has it uses a drag-and -drop interface to choose games from any of twelve game systems with support for game controllers and titles can be browsed using their cover art. However OpenEmu is available only for Mac.pic-browser-800x556

pic-browser-800x556Consoles like NES, Sega 32X, NSES, Sega Master system, TurboGrafx-16 and a range of classic consoles are currently included in the intuitive interface. Portable consoles like Nintendo DS, GameBoy advance, NatGeo pocket, Game Boy and Game Gear are also included. However the emulator still needs some development for vertical games on the DS like Rhythm Heaven and Ninja Gaiden.

EpenEmu’s developers have promised to add more recent consoles like Nintendo 64, PSP, Vectrex and many more in future updates.

Game controllers like Wii Remote or DualShock can also be easily set up via Bluetooth or a PS4 controller with Micro USB cable. Xbox 360 gamepads can also be used through a third-party driver. The trackpad or the mouse can be used for stylus input on consoles like Nintendo DS.

OpenEmu developers have utilized the “cores” of existing emulators  instead of codes that allows you to play games. The console’s rich and responsive interface allows users to play classic games with the open-source software readying itself to get better in the future.


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