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Sony PS4 gets Vidzone, an app for free music-video streaming

Sony PS4 gaming console gets Vidzone app to stream unlimited music-videos and concerts for free and now available for download at PlayStation store.


Despite leading in the sales against the Microsoft Xbox One in this holiday season, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console was lacking a video streaming app, especially YouTube. However, in the latest move, Vidzone app released to the PS4 consoles to stream music-videos.

The PS4 doesn’t comes with the restriction, which could not let you play your music CDs or MP3s from the console and the YouTube application is still missing in action. Vidzone now available for the next-gen console to stream unlimited music videos, concerts, interviews and custom playlists for free, much like the PS3 version of the app. The app enables the users to share the screenshots while watching videos to share it on social network like Facebook and Twitter along with other social integration.

The current list of entertainment apps for PS4s, including the Vidzone, are – Amazon Instant Video, Epix, Crunchyroll, Crackle, Hulu Plus, IGN, Music Unlimited, Netflix, NBA Gametime, NHL Gamecenter Live, Video Unlimited and Redbox Instant by Verizon.


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