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Following LG’s HomeChat, Samsung’s new Smart TV SDK helps to control appliances

It’s still a fresh news that LG is going to showcase its HomeChat service to remotely control its household appliances via LINE smartphone messenger and comes the “googly” from Samsung within 24 hours, where the Korean Electronics giant has released a new Smart TV SDK version 5.0, which will help the app developers to program remote controlling features within the app.


With the new Smart TV SDK 5.0 programming kit, the TV could control any supported home appliances, such as Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, network-savvy lighting and Microwave Ovens.

With the introduction of new web framework and PNaCL technology, developers can easily build HTML5 supported applications for various Smart TV models without worrying about the compatibility issues. As of now, the company has released the beta programming kit, but the finished Software Development Kit will be available at Samsung D Forum from January 6 onwards.

Meanwhile, the LG’s Homechat builds the communication between the smart appliances and the smartphone messenger app to control the households by the way of chatting with the HomeChat in a simple layman language.

Just a reminder, Both the Korean Electronic makers, LG and Samsung announced to showcase their 105-inch curved ultra-HD 4K televisions at the CES 2014 event to be held at Las Vegas, Nevada from January 7 to 10. That’s called the heavy rivalry in every segment!


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