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LG HomeChat with Line smartphone messenger to remotely control the appliances

LG Electronics announced that it would feature a new kind of service built for its home appliances at CES 2014, Las Vegas, which will help the owners to monitor and control LG’s smart appliances via simple text messages via LINE messenger.


The HomeChat service designed by LG Smart Business Center, builds a communication between a popular LINE mobile messenger app and the household appliances to remotely controlling and monitoring the appliances along with the content-sharing.

The next set of Refrigerator, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines and Vacuum cleaners from the Korean company will be coming next year with the smart features along with the NFC tagging and Smart Diagnosis for owners to resolve minor issues themselves.

How it will work? For example, If the user sends a message to HomeChat “I’m going on vacation,” then the system will put the refrigerator into power-savings mode and the robotic vacuum cleaner will be programmed to clean the room at certain time interval.

We have seen the normal text message integration in ACs to start and stop cooling, but this time the Air Conditioners weren’t included in the list of appliances, but it would also be included in the upcoming “very-smart appliances” list.

CES 2014 to be held at Las Vegas, Nevada on January 7 to 10.


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