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HP Chromebook 11 replacement charger comes with $25 Google Play Gift card

Owners of Google and HP’s Chromebook 11 started to receiving the replacement charger after submitting the request form following the last week’s recall of old chargers by these companies.


Finally, the high-drama of HP Chromebook charger fault, recall and replacement ends with a quite good solution. If you want to recall the story, just read the below points as the incident went in the following manner:

  1. Google and HP released the Chromebook 11 in October 2013 for $279.
  2. Users were experiencing overheating of the charger of the Chromebook, where in few cases the chargers were melting and even causing fire.
  3. Chromebook sales were halted and the devices were pulled out from the retail stores, HP store as well as Google Play Store in last November.
  4. Google said to solve this issue as soon as possible and urged the users to not to use the faulty charger until the remedy found.
  5. Last week, Google and HP announced that it will replace the faulty charger after filling the request form and it will take the shipping charge for the previous faulty charger. The sales of the HP Chromebook 11 resumed, which now comes with the new improved charger.
  6. Now, the replacements are being received by the owners and it’s performing far better than the old one. Happy ending!

The new chargers are made by LITEON, a Chinese manufacturer and it looks like a small and sleek charger than the original one. Google also providing a $25 Google Play gift card for those who has been affected by this issue as the apologizing to the consumers.

Although the problem has been sorted out, the official sales page at HP Store and Best Buy showing that the HP Chromebook 11 is out of stock, while the sales page at Google still showing the “coming soon” page. However, if you want to buy this for $279, then head over to Amazon, which is the only place it is available.


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