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Raspberry Pi got a HTML5-capable “Web” browser, to come in next update

Raspberry Pi has got a HTML5-capable modern web browser, named as “Web”, which could bring up-to-date browsing experience on the single-board computer.


Although the Raspberry Pi developed as an educational tool, till date, it has been used in many technologies such as supercomputers, smart TV hacks, drone and good quality night camera capturings. Many developers are manipulating the $35 computer for almost every tech tasks, worldwide.

Now, the team behind the smaller computing device, released the beta version of the “Web” browser to play with and also announced that it will include the fully-pledged browser in upcoming Raspbian software release. The new HTML5-capable browser comes with tabbed browsing, 2D rendering optimized for ARM version 6, image acceleration and enhanced HTML5 video decoding. It inherits Webkit’s HTML5 standards support, including the Canvas to render the webpages.

If you want to try out the beta version of the browser on your Raspberry Pi devices, then head over to source link (below) for the installation commands and instructions.


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