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Sony PS4 outsells Microsoft Xbox One in 2 to 1 ratio at eBAY

Now we are in the mid-holiday shopping season, while it has been six weeks since the launch of Sony’s PS4 gaming console and 5 weeks since the Microsoft Xbox One console’s launch. Now, the recent report of eBay sales figures of gaming consoles suggests that the Sony PlayStaton 4 outsells Microsoft Xbox One with 2:1 ratio.


Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Baird Equity Research, who tracked the console sales at eBay this season, tweeted that the Sony has managed to sell 65,000 PS4 units, while Microsoft has sold around 33,000 Xbox One units. However, in last month, Ebay has revealed the first-weekend sales of Xbox One at 7,000 and PS4 at 10,000. This means that the PS4 becoming more attractive to consumers than the competitor. This data is of eBay only, but the numbers at Amazon and Microsoft Store could be different, but not that much.

Sony and Microsoft, both announced that their console has seen more than 1 million sales in first-day of launch, but here Sony was launched in only 2 countries, while Xbox One was launched in 13 countries. However, Sony has managed to release the consoles in more worldwide markets later. Sony has sold 2.1 million PS4 gaming devices in 14 days of launch, while Microsoft sold 2 million Xbox One consoles in first 18 days. We have already reported before the launch of both consoles, that Sony would beat Microsoft in the  2013’s shopping season.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for the official numbers by both the companies, which could come in early-January 2014. The eBay sales figure can’t be used for guessing the whole sales figures. Stay tuned on The Next Digit for more updates on this.

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