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BroadMap and Catch are the 2 of Apple’s 15 strategic acquisitions in 2013

Cupertino-based Apple has reportedly two important acquisitions, BroadMap and Catch, in which the first one specializes in mapping data analyzing and management and the latter one is a Evernote competitor  – specialized in note-taking.


Recently, at the fourth-quarter earnings conference call, CEO Tim Cook pointed the company’s strategy in the above areas and this could help end up the company’s struggling in mapping area. Cnet reports that these 2 acquisitions are the part of the 15 strategic acquisitions of Apple in 2013.

The Catch’s acquisition would help the company to improve its Notes functionality, audio recording apps, and Reminders features. Catch seems to be acquired in last July, while the BroadMap seems to be acquires in March 2013 as the LinkedIn profiles of at least seven staffs of BroadMap shows that they have moved to Apple on around the March.

Meanwhile, BroadMap website still claims that they are an independent company and isn’t owned by Apple. Even, they have recently tweeted the denial of acquisition, but now the account itself not exists in Twitter.

James Fee, a Geographic Information Systems specialist also confirms that some of BroadMap’s IP and executive talents moved to Apple. Still, Apple hasn’t revealed any details on these acquisitions, may be, because it doesn’t want to risk the current deals of the acquired firm’s with its existing clients.

Some more proofs for BroadMap’s acquisition by Apple:

  • BroadMap’s media relations phone number currently not available.
  • Main number connects the callers to a new voicemails.
  • CEO Daniel Perrone said in the firm’s LinkedIn page that it has been purchased by a Fortune 500 company – Apple is in No. 6 in the Fortune 500 list.

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