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Apple and Samsung in Fierce Cut-Throat Competition

On the basis of customer satisfaction, it certainly looks like Apple and Samsung are neck to neck in competition. While in the United States, Samsung successfully beat Apple, in Korea, users have expressed more satisfaction in using Apple than Samsung. What is most interesting to note is that each smartphone manufacturer is beating its rival in the former’s home turf.

Whatever be the case, you might be wondering what is actually the point of conducting these studies and determining the ranks of the companies, apart from the very obvious, that is, advertising? Advertising is definitely a big outcome of these surveys, since a better level of customer satisfaction helps to draw more and more customers and defines the exact target audience properly too.


Nevertheless, there is a larger objective behind this as well. Such surveys help the companies to estimate the value of trade quite effectively. What makes us confused is the fact that if the Americans manufacture Apple and Koreans manufacture Samsung, why is it that the Americans don’t use Apple more than the Koreans and vice versa?

Why is all this cross trade going on, especially given that the objects in concern are pretty much the same in features and quality? The funny thing is that there is no logical and detailed answer to this question. The free traders answer to this is that it is simply the way things are; you cannot explain it. Apparently Americans prefer Samsung more than Apple and Koreans prefer Apple more than Samsung.

Source: Forbes

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