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AirWeb app could bring full screen web browser on your Apple TV

Now you can browse web through your Apple TV by using the AirWeb iOS app on either iPhones or iPads, which uses the Apple’s AirPlay technology to put  full screen browser on your TV screen via the black little box.


Apple TV neither comes with a web browser nor it has any web browser application for the internet browsing on your TV screen via Apple TV. So, this AirWeb could help you to bring a web browser via AirPlay, which is sharp and clean. You can also view and use your default iPad/iPhone Safari web browser on Apple TV screen, but the TV screen will not load it in full screen, but with 2 blank spaces at both sides.

Requirements for the AirWeb app:

You should install it on iPhone 4s or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini, iPad Air and fifth-gen iPod touch. If you want the app to work on your Apple TV, the device should be at least second generation device.

How to browse on Apple TV via AirWeb?

To start browsing on your Apple TV screen, you should enable the AirPlay both on any above said iDevice as well as on Apple TV. You will see a browser on your iDevice and then you can use it as your wish with the touch controls such as two fingers scroll up and down, single tap click and pinch to zoom.

Although, it won’t feel comfortable as the regular web browser on your iPhone or iPad or a fully-pledged computer, but it would be a great add-on to demonstrate or share the web content to others i your room. Sad part is, there is no any “add to favorite” button to save or retain webpages from the favorites.

If the Apple updates the Safari app’s design to fit into the Apple TV screen, then you don’t have to buy this AirWeb app, which now costs merely a $0.99 as part of the holiday sale offer. You could try the app by downloading from App Store.

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