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Snapchat for Android and iOS updated with filters, replay and texting

Snapchat, a fastest growing messenger with disappearing messages has updated its iOS ans Android app with many new features such as photo filters, smart filters with current time and temperature and Replay.

snapchat-new-features-screenshotSnapchat users need to activate the filters by going to the “Settings > Additional Services > manage”, then they can see new photo visual filters and smart filters to enable or disable them. Once enabled, the new features will show up after the user take a photo and the image is being shown. User has to swipe to select any of those new filters, which also includes the filter to show the user’s speed, particularly useful when in a car.

Interestingly, the new Replay feature lets users to watch one snap per day for a second time, if missed the first play. Spiegel says that the message is still deleted from the Snapchat servers after the first watch but user still get 2 chances of playing the video if he or she missed the first time.

Text, front-facing flash, photo captions and group snaps are the other two features introduced with this update. The new updated app also lets you to add up to 7 best friends for your snaps.

The updated Snapchat apps are now available and you can download the Android app at Google Play Store and iOS app at App Store.

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