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$10 million paid by NSA to a security company for accessing software

According a new investigation, computer-security provider has revealed that the company had accepted $10 million from NSA for accessing software which was sold to users by RSA.


Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who had leaked the documents shows that RSA allowed NSA to embed “back door” encryption for entry into the security products. Reuters has also reported that the company agreed to receive an amount higher than the one-third of the product’s profit during the previous year in the deal.

NSA’s encryption formula was embedded in the “BSafe” software to provide security service on computers and mobile devices. After revelations from Snowden, consumers were notified stop using the software by the company.

The company which held a high position before the leaks had helped in addressing privacy concerns and even stopped the NSA from fitting spy chips into computer products in the 1990’s.

“RSA always acts in the best interest of the consumers and under no circumstances does RSA design or enable back doors in our products”, said the company in a statement. “Decisions about the features and functionality of the products are are own.”

A source from Reuters who knew about the deal mentioned that NSA did not identify the formula embedded in the product and government officials misled the company by mentioning it was a technological advancement. The NSA declined to comment on the leaks.


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