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Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 to get Android 4.4 by next month

French carrier SFR has leaked that Samsung S4 and Galaxy Note 3 devices are likely to get their Android 4.4 update by January end next year, may be the international versions too.


Galaxy Note 3, the company’s flagship mobile has a powerful hardware compared to the Galaxy S4. Various versions and models with advanced processors and LTE-advanced support of the device has been launched in Europe. Thus Samsung will give more importance for updates to the smartphone.

However, the Galaxy S4 which received the 4.3 update recently has the 4.4.2 version of the Google Play. The company’s move to bring the Android 4.4 version  to the devices will be welcomed by users. There has been reports of issues with the Android 4.4 update which will be cleared out hopefully.

Though SFR leaks claimed that LG’s G2 device was getting its 4.4 update this December, it has has been announced for next year. However they have been accurate on Samsung’s rollout of Android 4.3 to the earlier smartphones which was leaked by the same carrier.

SFR’s information about the release does not completely assure that Samsung might release on the specified date with chances for the update being not released at all.. With Samsung currently readying itself for showcase at Consumer Electronics Show, the update if released during January or February will take a few weeks for the update to reach all the regions.

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