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Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition sells on December 24th, with Google Play Store

Oppo N1 Limited Edition with CyanogenMod custom firmware has been granted Google’s CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) and CDD certificates, which means Google has showed a green signal to launch the OS on the device with Google Play Store support. Along with this good news, Oppo announced that the smartphone will be releasing to the market from December 24 onwards.

oppo-n1-le-cyanogenmodThis is what actually happening and we were wondering, why the Oppo N1 LE with pre-loaded CyanogenMod 10.2 ROM not yet released to the market, despite announced to release on December. This smartphone is currently being the first of its kind with such certification clearance by Google.

There is no price details available for Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod, but recently the regular version of the smartphone has been released for $599, off contract.

Although, the Oppo seems to be getting some advantage from this approval to release the first of its kind smartphone with custom Android firmware along with the Google Play Store support, it’s something more to the team Cyanogen. This week, Cyanogen raised $23 million in series B funding from venture capitalists and already raised $7 million in last September. Now Cyanogen’s employee count will be rising from 20 staffers to almost 60 within 9-12 month to further expand the company as well as to enter the mainstream to directly compete with Google’s Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating systems.

You will be seeing many CyanogenMod-running smartphones entering the market soon, till then you can try downloading the OS directly from CyanogenMod.org for your devices.

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