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WhatsApp now leading the messaging market with 400 million active users

WhatsApp announced that the most popular mobile messenger with cross-platform communication now has 400 million active users, while 4 months ago it had 300 million active users.

WhatsappWhatsApp currently overtaken all leading messaging apps such as WeChat, Line and Kik Messenger. It has also long ahead than the chat platforms owned by major companies, such as Google’s Hangout, Microsoft’s Skype and Apple’s iMessage. Recently, a survey showed that WhatsApp messenger is leading the social messaging by overtaking, even Facebook messenger.

Mobile messaging seems to be reshuffling every year as the current trend of Snapchat is also impressive. There was rumor about WhatsApp that it has got the $1 billion offer from Google, similar to Facebook’s $3 billion offer for Snapchat. It’s also reported that Google was ready to acquire Snapchat for $4 billion, although it had less users than WhatsApp but the service has more engaging than any other app.

With these many users on-board, WhatsApp has to bring in tight security feature such as end-to-end encryption, like in TextSecure, which integrated in CyanogenMod custom firmware. They could also implement the protocol of TextSecure easily, rather than starting from scratch, as it is fully open source.


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