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Samsung and LG to unveil separate 105-inch Curved 4K TVs at CES 2014

Both LG and Samsung seems to be preparing for the race to showcase their curved Ultra-HD TVs as both the companies announced that they will be unveiling massive 105-inch Curved Ultra-HD TVs of their own brands at CES 2014, which will be held on January 2014 at Las Vegas.


Both LG’s and Samsung’s large-screen curved television sets boasts the sharpness four times the regular HD TV sets. Both the companies released separate statements on Thursday regarding their unveiling of 105-inch curved Ultra-HD TVs.

Both the companies fought (not technically!) for existence by releasing innovative products one after another. Last year, it was about 55-inch OLED TVs and in smartphones segment, both are still competing each other in curved devices via Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex.

Meanwhile, Samsung and LG began to sell the curved OLED TVs earlier this year, but the size of those TVs were 55-inches in size. The new sets will not be made of OLEDs, instead, LCD panels with more than 11 million pixels will be inserted in display screens of 105-inch with 5,120 x 2,160 resolutions.

Although the South Korean Electronics giants bring out their high-end TV sets, the content support would be less as of today, because there are very less ultra-HD videos available. But, the high-end 4K gaming devices could be worth used on this TVs. But, the introduction of these 4K TVs could fuel the growth of supportive contents, where another TV maker Sony Corp already said that the UHD images and videos will be new standard and it also working on its devices as well as movies in 4K Ultra-HD format.


Both LG and Samsung haven’t revealed the price details and it’s not a surprise that it couldn’t be affordable to everyone with the huge price tag.

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