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Apple makes the iOS 7 friendly apps compulsary, starting February

To fight with the software instabilities, Apple announced and urged that every new apps and new updates for the current submitted apps should be built using new Xcode 5 as well as the apps should be optimized for iOS 7, starting from February 1.


For one or the other reasons, Apple’s iOS 7 has been a controversial news, since it released the software along with the iPhone 5s and 5c and later released to previous models with radical flatter design refresh, new levels of device instability and fastest OS to get installed on many number of iDevices.

The new move by the company will help to increase the overall quality of the App Store as well as the applications. However, all the iOS developers should have 64-bit support within the app. The current app versions looks somewhat older and uncool when installed on latest devices with iOS 7 software.

Currently, the iOS 7 are installed on around 76% of total Apple devices, according to the Apple’s own stats page. That may be the reason, the company is seeking a new refreshed apps on its App Store after February 2014.


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