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Opera Coast app for iPads gets new update, no Back and Forward buttons

Opera has released a major update (version 2.0) for its Coast browser, specially made for iPads with many new features and with the touch-centric redesign by removing the forward and back buttons.


Opera updated the iPad browser app today, where the users will move to back and forward by using gestures instead of pretty-old buttons. Although this update might confuse the non-geeky users, but the new UI change represent the changing current-gen input method on touch screens.

Some of the new features of the Coast V 2.0 browser apps:

  • Users can change the background of the app by tapping and holding on homescreen, which will allow you to choose the background from your device photos or from Opera gallery.
  • Browser will notify the users on the Speed Dial on homescreen, when they visit the websites that has the music or video.
  • Ability to open PDF flies in iBooks or any other supported apps.
  • Less time to go to previous page instantly.
  • Enhanced and improved user interface, many of them added after user feedback.
  • Better security engine wit latest updates to recognize hacks.
  • Favorite sites added to the Speed Dial shows the correct graphics with better app detection.
  • Dynamic updates for default sites.

If you haven’t tried the Opera’s Coast browser app for iPads, then head over to iTunes to download the app.

[Source: Opera]

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