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Facebook to roll out Donate Now button to non-profits and video ads this week

Facebook is evolving and it will be rolling a Donate button for easier user contributions to non-profit organizations as well as the video ads in coming weeks.


Facebook has already partnered with 19 non-profit organizations such as Kiva, DonorsChoose.org, World Wildlife Fund, Boys and Girls Club of America, UNICEF and Red Cross for launching the Donate button, which will be visible at the top of their Facebook Pages as well as at the bottom of their posts at news feeds. The button itself will complete the transaction smoothly in a pop-up window.

However, there lies a fact that Facebook could also collect the credit card numbers as well as other billing details via this feature, which could help the company in its future initiatives such as e-commerce and gaming.

At the good side, Facebook will not be charging fee for credit card processing, instead the social network will pay the fee to let the  non-profit organizations to get the full donation amounts.

Facebook Video Ads:

Facebook will be showing video ads later in this week and the official announcement could come at any time according to the people close to the matter. Sad part is, the video ads will play automatically in your news feeds until or unless you stop or pause it.

The new video advertisements could help the Facebook to capture a share of advertiser’s expected budget of $66.4 billion spending for this year on U.S. television. According to the Wall Street Journal, short teaser of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp’s upcoming movie, Divergent will be one of the first video ads on the social network.

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