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Beyoncé set new iTunes debut record by selling 828,773 albums in 3 days

Apple is much more interested in changing the music industry as it announced that the recently released Beyoncé music album exclusively at iTunes made history by selling most albums (828,773 albums sold in just three days) in a debut week on iTunes.


Apple said that Beyoncé also created history by breaking previous record in U.S. by selling 617,213 in debut week and it still in No.1 position in more tan 100 countries, globally.

The pop queen released the album at iTunes on December 13 midnight, by keeping the album secret until the debut, which also shocked the music industry as she brought a new revolution of releasing the music album in the industry. Beyoncé visual album consist of 14 new songs with 17 videos filmed at beautiful locations across worldwide such as Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, New York City and Paris, which finally paid off globally, with highest sales ever for Beyonce.

The album is only available as “whole” for $15.99 at iTunes and the individual songs will be available after December 20.


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