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Twitter tests ‘Nearby’ feature to reveal neighbour’s Tweets

Twitter has been conducting experiments to test a feature that would show tweets made by “nearby” users and the feature is currently, only available only for some users.


However only some users have been added the nearby timeline through the official Twitter mobile app. According to the Wall Street Journal, the nearby timeline feed would work only if the users have enabled to tweet with the location.

The Nearby timeline would consist of two parts, a map which will highlight the location of the user and tweet timeline of nearby users below. Nearby tweets will be visible even if the user has not followed the tweeter. Another feature will bring in tweets made in the specific area by scrolling the map.

Adding the location to tweets has been an optional feature for Twitter users from 2010. Twitter has not revealed any details if the Nearby is being tested for bringing it out for all users. The new feature is likely to be released as the company has known to test a series of new features with select users before a wider release.

Twitter could possibly work on organizing millions of tweets by making it locally relevant to users. Users can also view tweets in real time in case of a accident nearby or the reason for police arriving in the neighborhood. The new feature could also offer advertisers more marketing capability.

If the Nearby feature is launched Twitter will be somewhat similar to location-based app, Foursquare which is used to check out recommendations from users and friends regarding the area.


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