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Early unboxing photos of Valve Steam Machine published

We have got early access to some interesting photos of Steam Machine unboxing by a beta tester, who posted some details regarding the gaming console on Reddit.


Recently, Valve has sent the first batch of 300 Steam Machines to 300 registered beta testers, while at the same time released the SteamOS for public download on its website.

The user called colbehr has posted detailed unboxing photos in Reddit, which shows that the device comes inside a locked wooden box, full of the Valve touches. The Steam Machine looks similar to the prototype we have seen in last November. But the 300 early systems comes with the case with 300 holes and one of the hole is stamped and polished uniquely to represent the owner (you could see that in one of the pics).

It might take few more months, before the company releases the Steam Machines for public and don’t expect the wooden box when you buy one of the device as the gaming-only-PC could come with entirely different design as well as specifications after, off course, beta testing.

Features and specs according to colbehr are – Intel i5-4570 3.2GHz quad-core processor, 16GB RAM, Zotac GTX 780 graphics card with 3GB inbuilt video memory, ASRock Z87E-ITX and Silverstone ST45SF-G 450W power supply unit. The box includes a Steam Machine console, a controller, user manual, Cable pr0n. HDMI cable, USB cable, power cable and Wi-Fi antennae/cable.

Checkout all photos of unboxing at the source link below. You could also see some more images posted by another beta tester here.


[Source: Reddit, photos]

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