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Rumor – no Modern UI (Metro) on Windows Phone 9 in second half of 2014

Microsoft could launch new Windows Phone 9 sometime in second half of 2014, with a twist – the ability to turn off Modern UI (formerly called as Metro UI) completely to bring a new user interface for smartphones.


The news comes from Elder Murtazin, a Russian blogger, who has a pretty good previous predictions rate regarding the mobile phones and software industry. He has posted few interesting things via his Twitter account, which say that Microsoft will be changing the user interface from Windows Phone 9 onwards with option to mute Metro UI along with the introduction of new UI.


Elder Murtazin also said that the Windows RT will be no more and the WP 9 will be the OS for Windows tablets with similar options and features. He also posted that the software giant will be providing the mobile OS for free without any charges, even for OEMs, excluding the Pro version of regular Windows.

As of now, it hasn’t been revealed the Microsoft’s Windows 8.x desktop OS’ UIs future. Many current Windows 8 as well as the Windows 8.1 users are wanting to remove the Modern (Metro) UI from their OS and the company should understand it faster, before they move onto other providers.

Please note that these all are only speculations and rumors. Better to stay tuned on The Next Digit for more updates as it happens.

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