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“Instagram direct” has been announced- an integrated video and photo messenger

Facebook in a move to reconcile with Snapchat’s rejection of acquisition offer, the Facebook-owned Instagram launched Instagram Direct for direct messaging for photo sharing on Thursday.


Twitter had also launched the direct messaging feature a few days back. The announcement by Instagram is seen mainly as a response to selective and private social media network. Instagram had also mentioned that networks of close friends were the main users of Instagram Direct.

Growing number of social media users who post pictures and messages who have a good number of followers might not interest the complete group. Intsagram and Twitter Direct messaging will help users in such way to “narrowcast” interesting content to select audience.

Instagram Direct can be used for one to 15 followers and can receive photos in their inbox without having to follow them. The photo can be viewed by agreeing or not. Users can send a photo or video directly by clicking “direct” on the top right of the share screen. The viewers, comments and likes of the select group can be viewed by the sender. Instagram Direct will be located at the top right of the users news feed.

With the launch of Intsagram Direct and Twitter direct messaging, social media will see a rise in the “signal to noise” ratio. There would be separate channel for people you Instagram “directly” which would show more important photos excluding the list of photos from other users.

Intstagram Direct is available on the latest version (5.0) for iOS and Android. A feature will be released on Windows shortly.


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