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Minecraft sells 10 million on Xbox 360, over 13 million of PC version of the game

Most popular game Minecraft has surpassed 13 million sales of PC game and Microsoft announced that the game’s Xbox 360 sales number surpassed 10 million copies.


According to the Minecraft stats page, there are 13,011,789 units sold (over 13 million) as of the writing of this post, which is 1 million more than the last September’s stats. Totally, Mojang, the firm behind Minecraft has sold more than 33 million units of the game.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also announced that 4J Studios with Microsoft Studios has sold 10 million copies of Minecraft game on its Xbox Live Arcade version of the game on Xbox 360 and as part of the celebration, there would be a one-day sale on December 14th, which will give all skins and texture packs with 50% discount for gamers.

The PC version of the game was first released in alpha phase in 2009, but formally it was released in November 2011. The game is also available on Sony PS4 as well as PS3 and PS Vita. The pocket edition of the game is available for Android and iOS too. The game could reach to Microsoft Xbox One at any moment as it has already announced the game for their next-gen console in E3 conference in last July.

Watch the game trailer for Xbox One below:


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