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Valve releases SteamOS for download, ships machines and controllers to 300 beta testers

As promised before, Valve has started shipping the first Steam machines and Steam controllers to its 300 beta testers and released its first SteamOS version 1.0 called as alchemist for downloads, which is based on Debian Linux v 7.1 “wheezy”, at the same time.


Few months ago, Valve announced the SteamOS, Steam Box, Steam machines and Steam controllers and now it seems the company came out of its prototype building. While the Steam OS’ purpose is to let users play PC games or native SteamOS games on TV via Steam machines or by streaming the games running on a computer anywhere near to TV. Recently, iBuyPower unveiled their first Steam machine and you could be seeing some more third party manufacturers building the consoles soon.

As the operating system is currently in beta phase, it is recommended to give a hands on if you have enough experience with Linux and its apt-get, su commands. The current Steam OS is available for download with the file size of 960MB and you can download it from here (direct link).

If you want to know more and learn about how to install, requirements and how to get it done, then please head over to their official FAQ page. The end of this year went well for Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles, the next year would be the year with many Steam machines, which has the capability to cover the gaming market, if everything goes well.

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