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Microsoft joins Fido alliance to reduce password dependability

FIDO Alliance, a group with Google, MasterCard, LG, Lenovo and other host of companies that works towards reducing dependability on passwords saw Microsoft joining the group.


Fast Identity Online (FIDO) works towards specifications in security and browser plugins. The group started in 2012, aims to provide its expertise in the technology industry. The utilization technology depends upon the choice of companies and organizations. FIDO has seen a participation league of industry leaders like Google, MasterCard, Lenovo, Infineon, LG and a host of smaller companies.

The authentication hardware and software depends upon the type of clients and protocols. According to the company’s website, FIDO aims to attain interoperability and innovations in bio metrics, PIN’s and secondary authentication technology by standardizing authentication technology.

Online services which use the standard username and underpin passwords are vulnerable as computer security experts continue to warn people of weak passwords, easy-to-guess ones and repeating the passwords across many services. Microsoft would also join hands with FIDO for reducing dependence on passwords.

FIDO hopes to provide a software that utilizes public key cryptography to authenticate users with plugins for all Web browsers. In the primary stage, the company will focus on security in Web browsers and Web applications. Authentication services are also being planned for Android phones, Windows tablets and Apple devices.

By using FIDO authentication, users would no longer have the need to enter personal information biometric data for an online service.

The protocol of FIDO Alliance will be submitted to groups like Internet Engineering Task Force or World Wide Web Consortium which are dedicated to Web standards.


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