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You Can Now Find Something in Bing via Your Phone’s Camera

Bing visual searchBing now sports a visual search feature that enables users to look for things online that appear in photos snapped by their smartphone cameras. The new function is inspired by Google Lens and other third-party developers’ image recognition apps.

The visual search feature is powered by machine-learning algorithms. The AI can match an object in a photo with the information about that object stored online.

The new feature can be accessed from an iOS device or Android device. It will be available in Microsoft Edge for iOS soon, and you can already access it in the Android version of Edge.

The feature is very handy as it can identify landscapes, dog breeds, and faces. If the object is a consumer good, the app will provide a link to the page where you can buy that item.

 Sometimes, it is almost impossible to describe what you want to search for using words,

said Vince Leung who leads the team behind Bing Images.

Visual Search Is The Future

Microsoft and Google are heavily investing in visual search as it can prove to be a commodity. However, the feature is not failproof in the real life. Microsoft engineers are working on improving the algorithms. They plan to make all the objects in our environment as searchable as words.

Earlier this month, Google rolled out the Lens app. The app enables Android users to access Lens even if their devices do not offer the feature. Google lens is also based on artificial intelligence. It can match captured images with information in the Google engine.

The bad news is that the app from Google does not work on all Android devices. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus users have reported not being able to access it, while Note 8 users have not.
Image Source: Microsoft.blog

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