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Facebook To Allow Group Admins to Charge Members for Content

Facebook groupsFacebook will soon test a feature that will enable group admins to charge group members up to $29.99 for access to exclusive content. The feature will be tested on a handful of groups focusing on cooking, DIY, and parenting.

While the feature is being tested the social media platform will not take a cut. Group admins will be billed via Android or iOS which will take their cut. If Facebook decides to demand its share, it could start monetizing the platform’s groups that now have over 1 billion users.

Facebook unveiled that Group admins advanced the idea of a subscription for certain content.

It’s not so much about making money as it is investing in their community,

said Alex Deve who is in charge of Facebook Groups unit.

Deve is confident that the extra cash will incentivize admins to create a better content. For a small fee, group members will have access to exclusive tutorials, tips, and support.

Some Group Admins Already Testing the Subscription Service

Some group admins have already launched a subscription-based service. The members of Declutter My Home Group will have to pay $14.99 for monthly access to exclusive materials. The Grown and Flown Parents offers members who pay $29.99 per month exclusive access to college counselors.

Another group, called Cooking on A Budget: Recipes & Meal Planning, will offer special content like weekly meal plans to its members for $9.99/month.

During the test, admins will find out what content group members are really interested in. Group admins can send an invitation to group members with the subscription options, if any. Members will be able to preview the content behind the paywall before making a decision.

Members will be billed on the date of their acceptance of the subscription service. They can cancel the subscription and still have access to the exclusive content until the end of the billing cycle.
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