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Mobile Phones Pushing Pedestrian Death Toll Through the Roof

Distracted walkingAustralian authorities are considering fining pedestrians that are crossing the road while texting or staring at a screen.

Queensland reported that the pedestrian death toll has skyrocketed in recent years because of distracted pedestrians. Pedestrians that use their phones while in traffic should be fined just like jaywalkers.

We think that sort of offense is on its way. There’s no doubt about it,

a spokesperson for RACQ said.

The number of pedestrians that were hit and killed in the state has nearly doubled over the last five years. Last month, five pedestrians were killed. Many people get so busy with their phones that they get hit by cars because they fail to stop walking out into the traffic when it is not the right time.

When somebody tries to make them pay attention by tapping them on the shoulder they look as if they have no idea where they are at. This is how glued they can be to their phones.

Speed Limits Are Not Enough

Queensland wants to fine these people to prevent the pedestrian death toll from further climbing. Meanwhile, the Pedestrian Council of Australia is thinking about lowering the speed limit to 30 km per hour in crowded areas.

The plan was highly criticized for switching the responsibility from distracted walkers onto drivers. A spokesperson for the agency underlined that the speed limits in Queensland should align with the speed limits in other states.

RACQ, on the other hand, believes that the issue needs a comprehensive fix. If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle at 30 km per hour, that pedestrian would still land in the hospital.

The agency wants pedestrians to simply look up when crossing the road instead of keeping the head down, looking at a screen. RACQ also plans to fund awareness campaigns in Brisbane to encourage tech addicts to look up while in traffic.
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