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PUBG Developer on ‘Asset Flip’ Accusations: ‘That Kills Me a Little Inside’

PUBG wallpaperPUBG Developer Brendan Greene recently said at E3 expo that he is deeply saddened by the accusations that PUBG is just an “asset flip” since the game uses store-bought props.

“That kills me a little inside because I know we’re not,” Greene told journalist Geoff Keighley. He added that most props, like vehicles and buildings, are designed manually by artist Karol Miklas from Russia.

Greene admitted that some props were indeed bought from other artists, but that happened because the company needed a map to be ready within nine months. “But, for the most part, most of our stuff is made by hand,” the developer added.

At one point he said that he felt like “killing” PUBG critics for making such claims about the game. A subreddit emerged, with gamers being concerned about Greene’s “death threats” (see ‘Brendan Greene wants to kill me’).

Redditors Still Angry at PUBG Team

Many Redditors were not convinced by Greene’s explanations and still accused the developers of laziness and buying assets. They believe that Greene has offered just an excuse to these criticisms.

A PUBG representative stepped in to offer more details on the map creation process. For instance, the map dubbed Miramar includes assets that were manually designed and assets that were store-bought. Yet, most store-bought props are adjusted by the company’s artists to match the game’s overall visuals and performance.

The company noted that it is a waste of time to allow an artist to waste two weeks on designing a generic sculpt, like a phone booth or cash register, when that prop can be purchased. The saved time could be used to add more value to the game for all players.

PUBG officials believe that the hype around asset flipping is largely based on misinformation and player resentment.
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