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Samsung Canceled Its First Foldable Phone. Here’s How It Looks

Samsung foldable phone Samsung’s first foldable phone seems to have been canceled. Several leaked photos show how the two-screened phone looked like. The foldable phablet has been in the works for ages, but its design has disappointed so far Samsung fans.

The leak comes from a Chinese Twitter user called @MMDDJ_. The exclusive images show a bulky Samsung phone with a second screen attached to the main screen via a hinge. Some users have deemed the handset extremely boring.

The phone was dubbed Project V. Past leaks have mentioned Project V as well, which has been an ongoing project since 2016. The phone was probably cancelled because it lacked the zing of a premium handset even in 2016.

Smartphone maker ZTE rolled out a foldable phone called the ZTE Axon M in 2017 but the reception was lukewarm at most.

Sources said that Samsung is still heavily invested in a foldable device which will likely sport a flexible screen. The new handset, aka the Samsung Galaxy X, will reach the market next year.

The Galaxy X Could Be Too Pricey

Samsung fans believe that the handset will be one of the most exciting smartphones to be released… ever. The Galaxy X will feature three screens which will enable the phone to morph into a tablet.

Nevertheless, the South Korean electronics giant is not the only phone maker out there to work on a foldable phone. Apple is reportedly working on one too. Samsung, on the other hand, wants to be the first phone maker to make such devices truly visually appealing.

The bad news is that the upcoming Galaxy X will be quite pricey. Several sources claim that the phone will retail for $2,000. The price is a major turn-off for most Samsung enthusiasts, with many of them waiting for the next generations of foldable phones to be launched.

One of the main reason why Samsung delayed so much the launch of a foldable smartphone was the device’s operating system. Samsung’s team must redesign the user interface from scratch, as Google will not do it.
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