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Finding the Perfect College Is Now Easier with Google

College students studying Google has rolled out a search feature that can help students find the perfect college. Google users will have access to each college’s graduation rates, student debt after graduation, and the financial aid available.

The new search tool was announced on Tuesday. Students will learn more about tuition costs, financial aid, and what they will have to pay based on their income.

The new tool will be readily available through the Google search engine on desktop and mobile. Google said that the new feature is based on the data from the U.S. Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.

IPEDS contains the most accurate data on four-year colleges. Google wants future college students to make informed choices and better understand their educational opportunities.

Education Is Expensive

The web search giant reportedly has joined forces with nonprofits, education professionals and researchers to create the new tool. Picking the right college can be a life-changing decision. Also, graduating is very expensive, so choosing the right school should be a must.

Tuition and school fees for the last school year stood at $34,740 for private schools and $9,970 for public colleges. People not residing in the state had to shell out $25,620 for public colleges. Those figures do not include meal costs, school supplies, and rent.

A survey by New America found that 63% of wannabe college students are overwhelmed when researching the perfect college or trying to understand their financial options.

The new tool from Google gives prospective students instant access to test scores and admission rates, too. Also, there are details about campus life, the student body, staff, and similar schools.

Prospective students can calculate the cost of college after financial aid to better understand tuition figures.
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