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iPad Pro Not Really a ‘PC Replacement,’ Apple Exec Says

iPad Pro by the poolApple’s VP software Craig Federighi is not that sure that the iPad Pro or any other iPad could be “the ultimate PC replacement,” as the company claims.

Federighi explained that the mobile devices are experimental, and a touchscreen on a MacBook is very fatiguing just like the iPad’s is. Apple’s tablets are excellent devices for watching videos, listening to music, playing video games, but they aren’t designed to help you do a lot of work.

Federighi’s claims are at odds with Apple’s stance on the popular mobile devices. The company markets its iPads as PC replacements and tools to boost productivity. Yet, Apple’s VP software described the mobile devices as merely “experiments” in a recent interview.

He added that a touchscreen for a MacBook is not such a good idea. What’s more, the two devices’ ergonomics are very different. On a Mac, you can rest your hands on a surface which enables you to spend a lot of time and effort in front of the screen.

iPads Are Great for Media Consumption

However, poking the screen with your hand to get things done can be very fatiguing eventually. Even if you pair an iPad with a keyboard, a notebook is still way better for work.

iPads lack a mouse cursor, which can be frustrating when you need to finish a project fast. So, touching the screen for every move that you can make with a simple optical mouse and keyboard can be very tiring.

Instead, an iPad should be kept for media consumption, web browsing, playing games, and checking e-mails. If you want a device for business purposes, a notebook, MacBook, or Windows PC is the best choice to make.

Federighi’s recent statement doesn’t imply that the iPad doesn’t pack a lot of power. Benchmark tests have confirmed that it is a very powerful machine.
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