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This Display Tech from Intel Could Keep Laptops Going for 28 Hours

MacBook laptop aoutdoorsA new display technology from Intel could enable the next generation laptops to have a 28-hour battery life. The new low-power displays use just one watt of power and can more than double the battery life of laptops.

The tech was unveiled by the company at a tech conference in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday. Intel has partnered with Innolux and Sharp to design the new displays.

It is unclear how much power a common laptop screen uses, but Intel boasts that the new tech could add a minimum of four hours and a maximum of eight hours of autonomy to a conventional laptop on local video-playback.

That means battery life could be up to 28 hours on some devices,

a spokesperson for the company said.

Usually laptops can last up to 12 hours.

The New Tech Looks Promising

However, Intel’s claims should be taken with a pinch of salt. The testing has been done on a laptop that is powered by the company’s “U” series of chips. The chips can be found in Ultrabook laptops, which are powerful systems that can handle fairly difficult tasks. You can find the U series in the latest generation of MacBook Pros, which are very powerful machines.

In addition, Intel has tested the new tech while several power saving modes were on. For instance, testers reduced the screen’s brightness and ran videos on the laptop locally instead of streaming them from the Internet. Internet streaming is known for its ravenous appetite for power.

The new tech is not final. Intel is still tweaking the technology. It wasn’t immediately clear when the low-power displays will reach U.S. stores. It wasn’t also clear which laptop makers will embrace the technology, as Intel has yet to unveil the names of its future technology partners.

All in all, experts agree that the new display technology is a very promising one.
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